It’s not “About Us,” it’s really “About You.”

Most folks don’t have anyone they can trust to guide them through the incredible technology changes that are taking place? We all have those we trust to fix most anything in our homes or businesses…but this isn’t plumbing…electrical … or car maintenance.

Most everyone is saying, “Stop the world, I want to get off.” Because who can keep up with all the changes in technology? Relevant changes used to take place once every 10 years…now it’s every 6 months. It’s a blur. For us, it’s exciting, but If you’re sitting on the outside looking in, the flood of changes is mind numbing. It’s also a paradox. Because most of these changes were created to simplify your life, not complicate it by making obsolete everything you currently own.

So here we are saying, “trust us.” Now when someone asks us to place our trust in them…they’re asking a lot, especially regarding technology. If they’re looking for our trust, they better have a track record of trust. And they should have spent enough time living, breathing, understanding and loving technology and it’s rapid change environment. So why trust us to guide you through the on-going, never ending maze of new technologies and deliver you the best value?

This part is really a play to become your “Technology Guide and Mentor.” And here are some solid reasons why you or your business should place your trust in Computer Revolution.

  1. We’ve stayed ahead of technology…or we wouldn’t be in business today. We’re not the new kid on the block. We've been in business since 1997…from 286s and Windows 3.1 to iPads and Cloud Computing. We’ve seen many company’s come and go…and that’s where we’ve acquired most of our customers.
  2. Our store is loaded with the largest inventory of parts so we can repair what you currently have in hours or days, not weeks.
  3. Service is in the store with certified technicians that have over 35 cumulative years, repairing PCs and Macs.
  4. A store with the largest selection of Laptop computers in the Midwest. (New, used and off-lease, all brands)
  5. You don’t have to come to the store. We can come to you or diagnose and fix your problem remotely
  6. A store that takes in trades, recycles, purchase or fixes your old gear. You have options with us you don’t have with big box stores or other independent retailers. We make sure you choose the right option, because it’s also in our best interests.
  7. We’ll introduce new technology into your home and business, so that it serves you. As your guide and mentor, it’s not important that you understand the technology to incorporate it into your home and operate it…only that we do. For instance, very few of our customers understand how the “synchronizer” in their transmission works …they just know that if they put it in drive their car will move forward. Ask our customers…read the totally unsolicited (well, not totally) comments from our customers.
  8. Price. Don’t worry. We wouldn’t have remained in business for over 13 years by having the highest prices in town. Add to low prices the fact that you would now have a technology mentor and guide and that’s what our customers call the “Best Value.”
  9. Finally, our customers aren’t afraid to ask us “What’s New?” Our Consultants don’t study the “50 different ways to close a customer.” And they don’t put on the Big Box retail, full-court press when you walk in the door. What they will do, if you ask, is show you the many different ways new technology can serve you.

We look forward to working with you to get the most out of your technology.

Felix Anohene