This was my first visit to Computer Revolution. Previously our business had been going through our regular service to upgrade all of our old equipment with new. We’ve been in business 6 years and we’re trying to upgrade everything as we go along, but buying new is getting really expensive. Then one of our people said, “Stop at Computer Revolution in Roseville, they sell refurbished product at a lot better price and they have service right there.” So I did. I found their prices to be really good, but more than that, they were immediately responsive to virtually every issue we had. I’ll be talking to them about our other needs.

Lend Smart Mortgage

There I sat, we had just moved our offices, I had an old computer with a fried mother board, a pair of screens and a 55 inch flat screen for client presentations.

How do you get them all to work together flawlessly? Computer Revolution not only designed the solution correctly but they then tested and demonstrated it in our offices for everyone to see. Computer Revolution has an ability to take a layman’s desires, interpret the information, and implement a complete, elegant solution. It wasn’t a guessing game. They literally built a new computer to our technical specs. I was stunned at how skillful they were. I can’t think of a better outcome.

I rarely ever give testimonials like this, but hands down I would recommend Computer Revolution to any business that has a thorny, technical problem to resolve.

AdvisorNet Financial

The way they do business is so different from other IT providers. Let me tell you... I’ve actually put projects on hold to avoid doing business with anyone else. They don’t stick to the normal business hours. They do what they have to do to get the job done.

Saxon Auto Dealerships

They’ve got me forever! Even if I could get it cheaper, I’d still go to Computer Revolution.

Professional Graphics Group

They fix both my personal and business computers... it's like they can’t wait to get me back and running. My motto is, I’m here to screw up computers and they're here to fix 'em.


I had big problems with my laptop. I write e-books for clients and I have a ton of proprietary information on my computers. The thought of losing everything was scary. I was in the middle of a project and my computer was literally going through a meltdown. My IT guy said: "STOP!"; he told me to take it to the Revolution. I brought it in and worked with a young lady named Lisa. She was wonderful. I had so many folders, I was afraid nobody would be able to get them off. Lisa did. And she was able to translate what was happening in non-geek language. That's it. They're Non-Geeks.

My boyfriend turned me on to them. They’re really great. I came in with a problem and they had me up and running in 10 minutes. I was thrilled. When you consider we have our whole lives on our computers its imperative you find people with integrity so you can trust, and the technical knowledge to fix obscure technical problems.

I’m retired and I’ve been working on a family genealogy project for years so I’m on my computer all the time. I continue to work with Computer Revolution because for the past 10 years I’ve had very good luck with them. I’ve purchased a number of computers from them plus they’ve performed service, virus sweeps and cleans for me. I would recommend them to anyone.

I was panicked because m Dell laptop charger wasn’t working and I had a big paper due in a week. I went to Best Buy to try to replace the charger. They told me 2-3 weeks for the replacement. I tried to buy a universal from them and they didn’t have one that was compatible. I thought I was doomed, but, Best Buy told me to try Computer Revolution. You guys had the right Charger for cheaper than Best Buy’s. Their cheapest universal wasn’t compatible with my laptop anyway. THANK YOU!

I’ve been in sales all my life and I finally found a guy that’s got his act together. I tell all my friends because I was really frustrated, by a company, I won’t mention. It was a nightmare. Then I found Michael. He took care of my frustration, but yet was reasonable and sensitive to the fact that I’m retired. Computer Revolution must have a wonderful training program.

I've been doing business with them since they changed their name to Computer Revolution. You want to know why? Because they don't make you feel stupid. I would recommend them to anyone because I trust them.

We have a wonderful working relationship with Computer Revolution. They’ve been updating our computers for a number of years. When we have problems, they help us work with our old technology. They also help us keep costs down. When it looks like we might blow our budgets, they jump in and help us out. They love Saints Baseball.

St. Paul Saints Baseball

I’ve been a steady customer of Computer Revolution for 10 years. My eyes still get glassy when I walk in the store. They’ve been a tremendous help to me, as well as my friends. One friend in particular was a missionary from Columbia, South America. His computer stopped working and I recommended Computer Revolution. Ironically, he had also spoken to Radio Shack and they also recommended Computer Revolution. So I said to him the same thing I say to all my friends, “C’mon, I’ll take you over there.” I did and they set him up with a new computer.

I’ve dealt with computers since the ‘60s…on-board Polaris type Subs in the Navy for 30 years. I try to find people who have more knowledge than I do. Some I’ve gone to try to snow me…good luck with that. I now work with Ryan, Jeff and others at Computer Revolution. They’ve got their heads screwed on right. I’d recommend them to anyone.

I had a bad experience with Quest. They told me I’d have to get a new computer. I went to Computer Revolution and they showed me several different cures. I ended up keeping my old computer. And that’s the point. They stuck with me, and were more involved in finding a solution rather than just selling me another computer. Tell you one thing. I’ll get my next computer from them.

I had gone to Best Buy to the Geek Squad. My computer wouldn’t turn on. They told me they couldn’t fix it. They told me it needed a new motherboard. I took it to Computer Revolution talked to Michael and his guy got it going right away. You know what it cost me? Only twenty-five bucks. I just sent my brother over there to buy his computer. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I was so happy, I called and told them so. They not only came out and set up my computer, when I had a problem, they came right out and fixed it.

A friend had told me about Computer Revolution, so I took our computer in to be tested. After they informed me that it would cost more than it was worth, we bought a Dell from them. We originally had gone somewhere else to get a computer. It didn’t work so we took it back. We’ll never go there again…we’ll go back to Computer Revolution.

I’m a quality and reliability engineer and I can use statistics to quantify virtually anything. But it’s difficult to quantify the great service we received from Computer Revolution. They’ve been very good to us and I feel comfortable with them.

Here’s my story about Computer Revolution. I had originally purchased a MAC laptop from Computer Revolution. Lisa, from Computer Revolution, found out that I could have the repair contract transferred to me. She went ahead and got it done. Later my computer broke down. My wife is an artist and she can’t be without her computer, so, using the repair contract, I was able to get a brand new MAC almost immediately.

I’ve met Mark, the owner, and I like his strategy. I get to speak directly with a tech and I don’t have to worry about being thrown on a shelf and forgotten.

I’ve been with these guys since they were Computer Renaissance. Originally I purchased 10 computers, in parts from them, for my students to assemble but they are hands-down the service stand out in the business. There service is impeccable. It’s fast. I can literally talk to the technican or owner. You wouldn’t come close to this kind of service with one of the big guys I won’t mention. I will never use them.

When other teachers and people in the district ask me where I get my parts or a computer, I give them the number and address of Computer Revolution.

ISD 625

We’re a digital signage company. We provide digital signage, from the ground up, for our customers in both Canada and the U.S. When one of our customer’s digital signage is down, it’s imperative we get it back up and running because we loose money immediately.

Till now we’ve had nothing but bad experiences with IT companies. Because we work remotely with all our retail customers, most don’t have the technical expertise to solve our problems.

It’s strange how we found Computer Revolution. We googled IT and they popped up. We went to their web site and saw that they had a very professional web site and decided to give them a call. What a nice surprise. The tech listened intently and said, “O.K., I get it…let me do a couple of things and I’ll call you back.” He called back and said, “It’s a fairly simple fix…you should be up now.” And we were. It was fabulous. Would I recommend Computer Revolution to others? You bet…I already have.

Bigeye Productions

Nobody knows about them…they’re a hidden gem. We’ve been doing business with Computer Revolution for the past 8 years. I saw them on a billboard and then thru a mutual friend. They knocked our socks off. They are like our own IT department. We don’t have the cost of having one. I’ll give you an example…when one of our servers went down they recovered all of our data and got us back up.


I’ve worked with Computer Revolution for a long time. In my job I’m always on email or the phone in constant contact with my customers so I depend on them to get back to me when they say they will. You know, you either have integrity or you don’t, and I don’t have time for those that don’t. Ryan has integrity. Because he is so concerned about getting it right…I’m never concerned. It’s just a great relationship.


We hadn’t very good luck with other IT company’s….that is until we found Dan at Computer Revolution. Bottom line is, because we are a relatively small company we didn’t expect the response and expertise we received from them. About every problem a small business could face, they’ve taken care of fast. We’d email them and before we could turn around it was fixed.

Wilson Wolf Manufacturing

I’ve been a customer for a long time, because these guys are one of a kind. Let me tell you why. I fix my own computers, so I need the right parts when I need them…I don’t like to wait. They have the parts in stock. I don’t go to Best Buy because they don’t have what I want. Like I said, they are unique. Who else offers thousands of parts plus new and refurbished computers.

Today I came in with questions only a very non-savvy computer user would have. Kyle and his companion in the shop this afternoon solved my problems in no time with great good humor and generosity. I'm really grateful that your techs are so willing to offer support even when there's no sale attached. In the past, I've also had excellent repair service and advice.

My business, is about teaching others about Breakthrough service so I’m always aware of it, when I find it. I found it at Computer Revolution in Rosedale. They helped me find a business laptop that was perfect for my business and I purchased it because of their service. I’ve recommended a number of friends and associates to them.

Breakthrough Business Success

I really like the guys at Computer Revolution. We’ve purchased at least four computers from them. They are knowledgeable and very welcoming. Because of how I use my computers, I require a fast CPU. I simply tell the guys what I want and they put it together for me. Plus I really like that I get valuable advice from them. When I have had a problem they respond quickly. Would I recommend Computer Revolution to others? I already have. I recommended them to my doctor, who also purchased a computer from them.