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The million dollar question plaguing business in 2019 is...

…"Can I lower my IT costs and still maintain there a way to invest in my IT that will increase my revenue and save on costs?"

The correct decision is a game-changer. If 2013 was about reducing IT costs, 2019 will be all about Business Intelligence. It’s “Mission Critical.” There’ll be no “wiggleroom” left in 2019. Every CEO knows it. The winners will learn how to use their IT to (1) increase revenues and (2) lower costs. The first is a problem /opportunity…the second is a recurring problem.

  1. PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY: The problem? Larger competitors are already investing in their IT to capture your customers and increase their revenues. The opportunity is, we can show you the same tricks that will expand your customer reach plus track your R.O.I.
  2. PROBLEM: Your IT folks may tell you, “We’ve cut expenses to the bone…there’s nothing left to cut.” How do they know this? Can they produce an R.O.I. assessment of last year’s costs? How much were “soft costs” and how much were “hard?” And are you willing to bet the 2013 forecast on it?

Forecasting is like getting a firm grip on a wet bar of soap. It’s an illusive exercise. Most put it off until December. It usually consists of a hastily put together meeting with VPs, and whoever manages IT, with the CEO announcing…“Give me a forecast with a 3 to 5% increase in revenues and…to play it safe, bring me back a budget that matches expenditures from last year…any questions?” As eyes roll, everyone mentally kisses their bonus goodbye, and the meeting concludes with a rush to the door. It’s time to reset everyone’s brain. Instead of announcing a forecast that has everyone kissing their bonuses goodbye, we recommend you say…

  • STEP #1: “Next year we’re going to plug IT into our 2019 forecast as both a revenue producer and an expense.” If they give you a blank stare you’ve struck a nerve. They’re thinking ”What’s he been drinking?” We’ve got enough on our plate.” (Here we pay deference to those in-house IT folks, who’ve been up to their armpits in fast-fixes and IT lay-offs. They may honestly question your sanity).
  • STEP #2: Tell them, “We’re bringing experts in to assess our IT costs and work with us to leverage IT to increase our revenues…Tell them “I know IT has their hands full and that Increasing revenue is something foreign to their current area of focus.” Tell them these guys have been using IT to grow their businesses as well as help others grow theirs. They know what’s new in IT, and what’s coming around the corner.
  • STEP #3: Tell them unlike other IT firms, “We won’t have to pay for their education?” Why pay to bring someone up-to speed about what your business is facing in 2019? You need a firm that’s a quick study. Having been in the retail business in addition to IT for 16 years, we understand what it costs to acquire customers. We also understand warehousing, financing, sales and admin. More importantly we’ll employ your IT to create customers and retain them plus support warehousing and finance. (We’ve just completed the forecasting process for our businesses. 2019 is going to be a good year).
  • STEP #4: Click on R.O.I. Assessment. Learn about both our approach to designing solutions to help you build a solid forecast for 2019. Then click on Services & Solutions. Learn about the forecast-to-forecast support we can offer your business throughout 2019.
  • STEP #5: CALL 651 328 8900…we’re waiting.