“Fast service at a price that won’t break the bank”

One very happy customer called our service “Domino’s Fast.” So if we aren’t able to fix your laptop or desk top computer in 15 minutes, its Free? Not really, but you will be surprised by our turnaround time and our “won’t break the bank pricing.” Most can’t fast-fix your computer because they don’t stock the parts. We maintain the largest parts-in-stock percentage so we can offer emergency, need-it-now, as-you-wait, analysis and repair.

What’s Included: Eyeball to eyeball, step-by-step personal service from technicians with tons of experience at Computer Revolution.

    • Step #1. Each component in your computer is tested using the most advanced diagnostics tools and software programs available;

Hard Drive, Memory (RAM), Video card, LCD display, LCD inverter, Motherboard, Optical Drive, CPU, Battery, AC Adapter and cables.

  • Step #2. During our diagnostic process, a technician will consider the specifications of your computer and may make upgrade recommendations that will help your computer run better and faster.
  • Step #3. A technician will walk you through their diagnostic findings, highlighting bad parts/components that may require (new or used) replacement.

Additional Services:

  • BOARD LEVEL SOLDERING SERVICES – This service includes both DC jack repairs for notebooks and motherboard capacitor replacements for PCs and MACs.  Contact us today for a repair quote.
  • DESKTOP & LAPTOP CLEANING SERVICES – Dust and dirt buildup on fans and heat sinks will dramatically affect the performance of your computer. These high-heat areas tend to be next to the CPU, video card chipset and hard drive. To properly clean these areas requires dismantling your desktop or laptop down to its primary parts.

For FAST FIX Service Call 651-633-6600