"We recycle tons of equipment yearly, but we also fix, trade or purchase tons more."

Many customers bring their equipment in for recycling only to find out that some simple upgrades to their gear will save them a bundle over buying new.  Businesses or individuals have five choices when they bring their computer equipment to Computer Revolution...Choices they don't have elsewhere.

  1. Trade it.
  2. Upgrade it.
  3. Fix it.
  4. Recycle it.
  5. Sell it.

Trade:  Give us a call, bring in or email us a list of what you'd like to sell.  We'll give you a free estimate of its value.

Upgrade:  Upgrades or system improvement to your present computer gear could save you big bucks.

Fix:  Our large in-store inventory of parts and service experience virtually guarantees a 24 to 36 hour turnaround on your repairs.  We don't send your computer off for six weeks to old Overshoe, Montana, we fix it in our store.

Recycle:  Over seven tons of computer related equipment was sent through our registered recycling collection center last year.

Sell:  We purchase decommissioned, end of life or fully amortized equipment from individuals and corporations throughout the US and Canada.  It's one of the reasons we have the largest selection of laptops in the Midwest.

We buy and recycle your stuff...No quantity is too large or too small!