The question isn’t…“Will a Virus invade my computer” or “Will my computer suffer a security breach”…it’s when?

Once a hacker hits your Computer…the damage is done! Now it’s just a matter of calculating the damage…the cost to you? Our experience in removing viruses and installing security, indicates that losses have been in the thousands of dollars. You never know what Hackers get until after you’ve received the bill. Your personal financial information…your social security number, your passwords, your bank account numbers, and your credit cards?

Losses aren’t confined to theft of personal information or intellectual property.

EXAMPLE: Loss of Revenue. One of our customers was unable to retrieve email sales orders from their website. The emails disappeared. No small business can afford to lose revenue or customers. Activities such as employee blogging, social networking, downloading music or TV, or sharing media make your systems even more vulnerable. Worse yet employees are exposing your company to hacking and information theft.

EXAMPLE: Loss of Productivity. Research shows that when the percentage of personal time on social networks grows, the percentage of productive time drops accordingly. The dollar loss is huge. By not blocking personal sites, like facebook, employees also begin to believe its’ O.K.

The threat is growing. Identity and information theft is now a for-profit-business. Kits are actually sold to criminals to enable them to mount cyber attacks.

RELAX: With an inexpensive one-hour service you’ll walk out with a virus free system plus we’ll help you avoid future problems.